From the Editorial Team

Dear brothers and sisters,

Pastor Dalon reminded us in his message to recognize the basis and focus of our new building project – our obedience and loyalty to the Lord, and our worship and love of Him. Through this blessed event, we are able to grow spiritually in two ways:

First, by praying in unity as we face this challenge. Prayer, similar to Bible study, should be second-nature to a Christian. It’s like breathing, a natural response of the body to survive, and spiritually speaking, to keep in close contact with the Lord. God is especially delighted when many Christians gather to pray in His sanctuary, He showers upon us special blessings when we do so.

Second, by knowing and experiencing God better through our offering. He will open heaven’s gate to provide for and bless those who are faithful to Him. We will discuss and share with everyone regarding these two aspects of spiritual growth in this issue of the building update. May we identify God’s clear calling for us through this process, to not only build His kingdom, but also establish a church of prayer and missions, full of passion, zeal, and power from above.

CBCSD “A New Church, A New Heart” Editorial Team