Hsiao: Hi brother Lee, how are you? Long time no see!

Lee: Hi sister Hsiao. I’m fine, just a little stressed. The church is always talking about the new building project. If I offer, I think about all the needs of my own home. If I don’t offer, I feel guilty.

Hsiao: Offering is from the heart, you shouldn’t feel pressured.

Lee: The church can’t stop talking about this. They’ve even come up with some building project updates. They want us to give all our money to the church!

Hsiao: The money is used for building the new church, not for the pastor or anyone else. God doesn’t need your money, He doesn’t drink or eat. If no one tithes or gives offering, forget the new building, what about running the church, paying the pastors, holding special events, supporting missionaries and such. What is your take on that?

Lee: What you are saying sounds pretty spiritual. But really we have two kids, the older one is going to college, and my wife stays home, we need savings!

Hsiao: If you are obedient to God and His calling, offer faithfully, He will surely provide. God could give you a stable job in this economic slump, give you a raise, and bless your child to attend an affordable and good college. Nothing is impossible for the Lord. I heard that a sister from adult fellowship tithes and offers faithfully, God blessed her with a great short sale deal when she was buying a home. She even qualified for the government tax credit! There were 3 offers before her, including an all cash offer. Her offer was not the highest, but God worked a miracle anyway!

Lee: Sounds pretty miraculous. Although I have not experienced this myself, I would like to hear these stories. Can I read about the testimonies somewhere? I heard that there aren’t too many people at the weekly and monthly prayer meetings, but they do pray fervently. I need to go home and really pray hard about this.

Hsiao: Offer from your heart, not out of obligation. You can read about this lady’s testimony in the next issue of our new building update. See you at the prayer meeting, God bless you!