Words from our Shepherd: Riding the storm, straight to shore! – Pastor Albert Lam – 2010-06

Words from our Shepherd: Riding the storm, straight to shore!

Pastor Albert Lam

Thank you all for praying for the building project, and making monetary offerings towards the making of God’s temple. God delights in offerings given by faith, love and a cheerful heart. He will surely remember and reward your acts of giving.

As all of you know, we have encountered several problems during this process. First was the issue with road use, then the contract with the strawberry farms, and the latest with the house that has “historical value” (over 50 years old) and cannot be relocated. We are sure on a roller coaster ride, with one wave after another. But Praise God, he had foreknowledge of all that is happening and He is in full control. When Jesus asked his disciples to take the boat across to the other side of the lake, they came across a storm that scared even the fishermen. Even when we obey the Lord, we are bound to face difficulties. But we experience God while in the storm, and we witness Him to be the God that calms the waters. If Jesus asked us to go across the waters, we will arrive safely regardless of the wind and rain. When God commanded Moses to return to Egypt from the wilderness and to rescue his people from Pharaoh, God promised to be with Moses. He also promised to take the Israelites out of Egypt so they can worship Him on holy grounds. Moses did as he was told, and went to fight Pharaoh in his palace. Moses demanded that Pharaoh release the Israelites but that only brought about more oppression for these slaves. The Israelites instantly complained towards Moses and Aaron. Then God sent plagues to force Pharaoh to surrender. Pharaoh would agree to release the Israelites when the plagues hit, but then change his mind when God removes the plague. God finally had to bring about the worst of the worst, until Pharaoh completely surrendered. We see here that although God promised to bring the Israelites out of Egypt, it was still a rocky process, with much tribulation, until God’s promise was fulfilled.  What we are facing now is similar to the exodus of the Israelites. We clearly know that God intends for us to “ enlarge our tents, lengthen our cords.” He has also brought us the perfect land with the proper acreage and location. But we are seeing many challenges before us. Whether these obstacles are tests of the Lord or works of Satan, I believe we can ride the storm and cross the shore to victory!

Brothers and sisters, what is faith? Faith must contain the element of “risk”. If everything was safe and insured, why do we need faith? What is faith? Faith is believing God will provide and help us to achieve beyond our human abilities. Let us place our faith on God himself, to do our part in everything, and believe that God will accomplish according to His purpose,far beyond what we ask or seek for.