New Building Thanksgiving Testimony – A breakthrough in life – Huei-Wen Gu – 2010-06

New Building Thanksgiving Testimony – A breakthrough in life

by sister Huei-Wen Gu

About four weeks ago, my friend’s husband got into an accident that severely damaged his brain.  He was treated in the acute trauma unit in the hospital.  Due to the urgency of this matter and with Pastor Ho out of town, my husband took the bold step to invite pastor Lam to visit my friend and his family in the hospital during Memorial Day weekend.  Even though Pastor Lam was very busy, he agreed at once.  I was extremely grateful.

The next day, during the hospital visit, even though pastor Lam did not know my friend and his family, he introduced himself and extended comfort to them.  He prayed with deep concern and earnestness by my friend’s bed.  I felt like I saw Jesus in pastor Lam at that moment.  My heart was deeply moved.  This experience taught me how to serve friends who are in need.  Frankly, I used to be terrified of visiting people in the hospital.  I was especially anxious when I would see multiple tubes attached to the patients.  Praise the Lord, I was not afraid at all this time.  The Holy Spirit did an amazing work and brought a breakthrough in my life.

In fact, I often witness life transformation among brothers and sisters at church.  The church is the place where disciples are made, a place where we can be well-equipped to serve the needs of our community, doing the work of the Lord.  Regrettably, due to a lack of space, there are not enough rooms for Friday night fellowship Bible study, Sunday schools or meetings for various ministries.  Therefore, some brothers and sisters cannot attend Sunday schools.  Furthermore, crowded classrooms are not an ideal environment for learning.  Imagine when the new church building is finished, brothers and sisters will be able to learn in a well-resourced and comfortable environment.  This way, the outcome of their learning will go a long way.

I realized profoundly the importance of living our lives by example through this hospital visitation experience.  We should all do the same with our new church building plan, by participating in various ministries: prayer meetings, fellowships, special gatherings concerning new church building, making financial donations, submitting articles to this church building newsletter, etc.  Let us seize the precious opportunities God gives us so to make more breakthroughs in our lives.