A New Church, A New Heart – Thoughts from Central Campus – 2010-07

“A New Church, A New Heart – Thoughts from Central Campus”

When I first saw the name of the new building newsletter as “New Church – The Heart Church,” I could not help but thought of the earnest prayers of our small group while praying for the new church building, “Oh God, as we build our new church, what you value more is how we build the holy temples within our hearts, you want more and more of us surrendered to you!”  What a marvelous coincidence!  As I recall the way God led Central Campus this past 6 months, my heart would leap with wings!

At the end of last year, God Himself gave us the sermon topics for the following three years – “Holy Words,” “Holy Spirit,” and “Holy Ministry.”  While Pastor Liu was waiting and seeking the Lord, God Himself gave “Four Melodies of Living in Love” and “The Warfare of Heart and Mind Battlefield,” to comfort, heal and encourage the hearts of brothers and sisters.  As sister Li Ching wrote in “The Blessed” of “The Lord upholds my hand” testimony: “It was as if each word was speaking directly to me, each word was pounding on my heart until my tears dropped like rain.”

Back in February, Sister Tian Lei shared in church building testimony time that while praying for the new church building, God brought back the joy she experienced years ago when she and her husband first bought their home.  She saw even more unification in the spirit between brothers and sisters during the church building process.  I recalled in late February, seeing brother Wang Guo Bing and sister Wan Liang Shein who just returned from China to their daughter’s in San Diego – that as soon as they arrived at church, they immediately went to donate their share toward God’s house.

In the beginning of March, Main and Central Campuses held a fund-raising carnival for church building fund.  Each small group dedicated themselves in the preparation.  However, some brothers and sisters were filled with doubts.  Brother Tian Ren Fung shared with me that he did not believe this was God’s way, because it was no different than the world’s way, and no different from the carnivals held at Chinese schools.  However, as he sought the Lord, God helped him see that when Israelites were building the temple, the Holy place and the Holy of Holy place, they were also building colonnades – and the carnival is indeed like building the colonnades.

Five couples from Central Campus attended the Marriage Enrichment Seminar during the May long weekend.  They got so much out of it and were blessed abundantly.  God used this seminar to affirm the goodness of marriage, to revive the families and the church.  Many brothers and sisters are burdened with church revival.  Sister Wen Jiang Yun shared in small group that when she read the diary of Song Shun Jie, she was deeply moved by the revival in the church and the work of God at that time.  As she was praying for our church’s revival – to return to the state of the church in the beginning of time – she was moved by the Holy Spirit with tears flowing down all over her face.

In a June weekend, the Carmel Valley Church picnic attracted many non-believing friends.  Brothers and Sisters took advantage of the opportunity to share God’s Love with our community.

One after another short-term mission teams started to go out.  God is leading the church out of our comfort zone.  Last Sunday, news excited our hearts of nearly all fifty children coming to faith in Christ through participating in Taiwan Shein-Shia Church’s “Children’s Bi-Lingual Summer Camp!”

In the short period of 6 months, God has been using His ways, His plans and His rhythms to build our new Church, the Heart Church, in various levels.  Brother Huei-Ying had a vision in which he saw the new church building finished, with bright light shining throughout.  There was a crowd of victors worshiping joyfully and festively inside.  There were some who were not among the victors.  They were regretting pitifully outside.  God’s spirit moved brother Huei-Ying to become a victor – to follow all God’s guidance.

In the process of building the new church, the Heart Church, we are certain to encounter all kinds of difficulties and challenges.  Just like how Pastor Yu Hong-Jie described, we are to seek the bounty in God’s grace river, to sail our small boat higher and higher, to the height of experiencing God!  As long as we believe, we will certainly see God’s glory.