Let Doubt Take You Into Holiness – Pastor Sue Liu – 2010-10

Let Doubt Take You Into Holiness – Pastor Sue Liu – 2010-10

It has been well over a year since the new church building ministry started.
Listening to testimonies of some brothers and sisters during this period, I felt
deeply with echoing reflections. When recalling these testimonies, I have then
found quite some similarities in experiences of their journeys with God and
mine, some echoing ever so deeply. These similarities have also led me to
firmly believe that God is providing each of us with a unique path of
experiencing Him through the great ministry of His building. My observations
of these three similarities are summarized below.

Doubt in Heart

At the announcement of the new church building plan, different reactions came
from all directions, with some voices out and others silent. Some see it is only
natural, as it can ease the overcrowding problems at Main Campus, and also
resolve the current instability of facility problems of Central Campus. Others
voiced their concerns. Some question if it is a right time during this global
economical downturn; others felt pressure to willingly make building
contributions; and some others were looking for a grand heavenly vision of
heart moving from the church leadership. There are also brothers and sisters
seeking God’s heart and joyfully making their offerings.
I utterly understand and side with these brothers and sisters with doubtful hearts. Casting doubts means caring about what’s happening at church, their
spiritual home, and their willingness to participate in a big church family. I have
had my own share of questions and uncomfortable moments when seeking His
will on merging two campuses. Why do we move back if Central Campus was
planted out of Main Campus only years ago? How do we explain to brothers
and sisters our original vision of planting Central Campus? I do have moments
of anxieties of how to cope with uncertain reactions from the congregation.
This is the first similarity – Doubt in Heart.

Enter the Holy Place

In Psalm 73, the psalmist expressed much doubt toward God, perhaps because
attempts of seeking humanly solutions failed to solve physical, logical, and
emotional problems. But the spirit of continuing the search for God’s heart
(evidenced in Psalms 73:17) revealed in the sanctuary of God – giving him the
divine understanding which not only solved his problem, but also greatly
enriched his spiritual life. One of the popular hymns “Whom Have I But You”,
written by Tracie Lin and based on Psalm 73:25-26, described the very feeling
mentioned. My observation of the second similarity is that brothers and sisters,
like the psalmist, take their doubt into the sanctuary of God for His answer.
Brothers and sisters, in your devotion time or in a quiet time at a quiet place, try
to open your mind and let out your discomfort and doubt in the presence of
God. Upon the experience, some sensed God’s instant answer and even saw
pictures of the new church. Some have later experienced the sensation that
“God is speaking to them through His words”. Yet some others did not
immediately feel anything differently, but received His comforting words with a
peaceful heart after praying.
My own experience of entering the sanctuary of God falls in a similar situation.
When I purposely arranged a quiet time in the presence of God, I came to
present with my sincere heart the doubt of merging two campuses. My emotion
and anxiety slowly calmed down, and at the same time, the Holy Spirit guided
me to rethink two ministries: the church’s mission and the ministry of the next
generation. When I saw a beautiful big picture of expanding ministries behind a
strongly emerging force of what joining two campuses can do, I became moved
by an empowering mind that instantly removed all my uncertainty. My heart
burst with joy, and I can only praise God for showing me a greater new
challenge bestowed upon this new church for years to come. I am now quite
certain that the joining of two campuses will meet a bigger challenge God has
presented to us in the fields of mission and the next generation for a better

Seek and You Will Find

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find;…” Matthew 7:7.
We often quote this verse in evangelical meetings. However, it has even more
meaning for every Christian equipped with a searching heart. That is especially
true for those brothers and sisters taking their doubts of building our new church into the sanctuary of God. He is indeed wonderful. He faithfully provides
every answer to each individual seeker for each unique doubt in His time. He
warms our hearts, removes our doubts, and assures us better relations with Him.
What a wonderful way to establish and enrich our spiritual life!

While experiencing God’s truth, removing doubts, and feeling great are all
good, even better is experiencing God’s promise of His truth, something the
“world” can neither provide nor promise. As for the ministry of building a new
church, many people may still have doubts, or take the attitude of “wait and
see.” Instead of keeping your doubts in mind, why not try taking them into the
sanctuary of God, and giving yourself an opportunity of experiencing Him?