Blessed Way – Dennis Ho, Council Member – 2010-11

Blessed Way – Dennis Ho, Council Member – 2010-11

The building ministry has been swiftly going for more than three years since its inception.  It all began during the year of celebrating church’s twenty-year anniversary – God used the land of “Santa Luz” and the same real estate agent who helped purchasing the current main campus some thirteen years ago, showed us this land of “Four Gee,” to start the building ministry enthusiastically with a big bang of “”

“Busy, busy, really busy,” is what I often shared in deacon meetings.

“Hard, hard, really hard,” is what I often said to people.

It has indeed been tremendously busy to serve for the past two years, but it has also been a very special period of spiritual drill for me.  During these years I saw God’s leading our church through His power, and experienced my own changes and growth in Him.

This is not only a grand visionary plan for our church but a spiritual battle.  From the start of our plan to the present, we have faced with so many hurdles of various size and shape including legal rights of easement-usage  negotiation,  contractual modification with strawberry grower of the nearby farmland, and complicated issues of handling historical houses in the county, to name just a few.  From going through this path of resolving, we deeply felt God’s power among us and growth in our own faith in God each step of exercising His tests.  To negotiate with owner about the farming, we were able to extend the date of closing escrow to January 2011 so that we have more time to raise building fund; on the other hand, it also allowed us to defer our bank loan application and thus saved thousands of dollars of interest payments.  During the time of resolving issues of historian house, God had provided us with an expert in the area to help us setting planning strategies.

Several months ago for a while I went to home of Derek and Leah every week for some building committee work.  A sudden thought surfaced in my mind as I was just leaving the house after our work – there were so many brothers and sisters Derek and Leah alike working fervently on this hilly way for building CBC – the same way God used the “Five-loaf and Two-fish” miracle of His time.   Thank God for His leading the building ministry, for giving me a privilege to walk on the blessed way with Him, and for His abundant grace, comfort, and joyful peace each time when I feel busy and tired to face each new piece of hard-to-work.

From the inception to the time of ready to apply for the Multiple Use Permit (MUP), it has gone by almost three years full of grace and blessing.  During these years God has always been among us, leading us, and molding us to understand His heart, His bigger plan upon us, and His bigger blessing.

Do you believe the power of prayers?  Would you pray for the building ministry?  Do you believe His promise because of your sacrifices in offering?  Would you like trying His promises?   Are you willing to step onto this blessed way of experiencing in “Five-loaf and Two-fish” miracle?