Blessed Offering – Andy and Lillian Teng – 2010-11

Blessed Offering  – Andy and Lillian Teng – 2010-11

We used to worship at an American church, aside from the regular tithing, we also gave occasional special offerings. Below is a simple account of God’s provision and faithfulness!

20 years ago, we made some special offering to the church. Twice we gave because of church building needs, the other time was due to an urgent need at church.  At that time we were planning on buying a new car to replace the 1986 Dodge Colt. We knew of the need at church, but we also knew that our Dodge was starting to make funny noises and probably will not last much longer. We didn’t have enough money for both. What to do? Lillian is the financial officer of our home, so we decided to give the offering and wait on the car purchase. My wife prayed that God would protect the Dodge to work until we no longer needed it.

We did as planned, and faithfully offered each month. Years passed and the Dodge had to work without end. During this time Andy would need to drive up to LA or Northern California for work, and the car just kept going, like the Energizer bunny. Sometimes it would be where he spent the night. By 2008, this car was totally worn out and we hardly used it. We were wondering what to do with it, when we realized that it’s been 23 years since my wife prayed for God to sustain and protect it! What a miracle! Considering that we’ve totaled 3 cars in this family, that the Dodge would survive this long is something else! God is indeed a promise keeper.

Earlier this year, I overheard my daughter talking with my son-in-law.

My son-in-law wants to buy a new car, but my daughter said, why?

Doesn’t our car run just fine? I chuckled when I heard that.

In hindsight, we sure experienced God’s multiple blessings through our offering. Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord! We see that God has blessed our children to have the right values, to not waste and to not be greedy. Moreover, after the American church we attended was rebuilt, God used it in tremendous ways. Churches from the Philippines, Vietnam,  Korea, and even China were able to meet there. It became a conduit for the Gospel.

We witnessed how God used our little bit of monetary offering to accomplish His will. We were more than happy to offer to the church building efforts at CBCSD. It’s because we have personally experienced God’s hand at work, and we know that He delights in this expansion of His temple. It’s like what Haggai says “ Go up into the mountains and bring down timber and build the house, so that I may take pleasure in it and be honored,’ says the Lord.”