A little Improvement Each Day – Chen Pei (Central Campus) – 2011-01-23

A little Improvement Each Day – Chen Pei (Central Campus) – 2011-01-23

At the start of the new year, the Holy Spirit gave me this message: to improve a little each day!

My daughter joined youth group at Central Campus this past fall. She is also improving a little each day! I keep a notebook to record the money that she gives to me for savings. We recently decided to give her allowance again, so she can start giving offerings regularly. Last Tuesday (1/11/11) night I suddenly realized that I should be giving her allowance, and her answer shocked me,” Mom, I want you to give the entire amount of $1850 recorded on the notebook to the church building offering!” I was very confused, I said “ Why? You are already giving offering, You don’t have to give everything you have. You should  pray about this first and then decide.”  She replied “ Because God is good to me!” I said “ You better think some more about this  and we’ll talk later.” What I didn’t say was “ Dad and I already gave quite a bit to the building project, and you have already given, it’s enough.” I thought she was being impulsive, that she’d forget after a while. I decided to not mention her allowance to her.  Friday night (1/14/11) she came home from New Hope Church youth fellowship and she said “ Mom, I want you to give the entire amount on my notebook to church this coming Sunday. “ I replied “ Are you sure? “ She said “ Why do you always ask me that?” I didn’t want to give up. “ Why do you have to give the entire amount?” She said “ Because He is good to me!” I had nothing else to say to her. I was ashamed, because I know that God moved her heart to give. Good thing she didn’t forget! I realized then that  our relationship with God is very personalized. We can’t borrow anyone elses’s  faith nor can we loan it to someone else, it was to be one’s own. My daughter needs to have her own faith journey. I should be so proud of her! On Saturday, I shared my thoughts with her on the way to see a movie…

On the way to church, she all of a sudden asked me,” Mom, do you love me?” I said “ Of course I love you!” She then said “ Why do you love me?” I said “ Because you are my daughter!” She said “ So how does your heavenly father treat you? “…. Love is just so simple, faith is the same!

Praise God for giving me a second chance. Praise Him that He is able!

He helps me with a smile, to take a step of faith.

To improve a little each day, to experience His grace.