Graceland 2020-01-19

“But the land you are crossing the Jordan to take possession of … is a land of the Lord your God cares for; the eyes of the Lord your God are continually on it… (Deuteronomy 11:11-12)

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Words from the Editor:

Dear brothers and sisters:

Wishing you all a spiritual renewal and a change of life in the new year. The theme of this issue is: “The Road Widens as We Walk on It: Renewals and Changes in Life.” Whether through various spiritual exercises, participating in a different ministry, or responding to God’s calling, as long as we are willing to accept a new vision from God, obey Him to do new things, we will continue to walk on the path of blessings.


A New Year Message from Rev. Albert Lam

2020 is an indicator of perfect vision. May the brothers and sisters in CBCSD have a perfect spiritual vision this year to see God’s magnificent and wonderful plan in you and believe He will do more for you than ever with generous grace and power. I also wish your career and family to grow and renew daily under the favor of the Lord, full of love and sunshine, to become a witness to the glory of the Lord, full of happiness and joy for years to come!



The Road Widens as We Walk on It: Renewals and Changes in Life

Renewed and Transformed through

Spiritual Disciplines

By Pastor Daniel Jarrell,

4S Youth Resident Pastor

It was my junior year of undergraduate study at Vanguard University of Southern California. The previous semester, I had learned many of my friends had made arrangements to move into the upper classmen dorms, while I found myself as the “odd person out” without a roommate for the year. Applying to live at a campus-managed studio, I had mixed feelings about the benefits and challenges of living completely alone for my final two years of study. The reality when my junior year came was that I enjoyed the freedom, but felt isolated from the community of my peers. However, it was in this situation that God transformed me.

Up until that point in my life, I had been engaging my faith in my college years primarily intellectually. This wasn’t surprising, as my path to graduate had me studying a variety of theological disciplines. At the same time as I was struggling with feelings of isolation in my personal life, I was challenged in a course, “Disciplines of the Spiritual Life,” to take my faith deeper than my mind and fully engage the heart. Some of the readings I was assigned were from Dallas Willard (The Spirit of the Disciplines, Renovation of the Heart) and Henri Nouwen (Spiritual Formation, The Way of the Heart). As for assignments, the course involved less of gaining new knowledge to perform on exams, and more about surrendering and recognition of the work of the Holy Spirit in my own life.

Three disciplines that transformed me, all of which are explored in Henri Nouwen’s work, The Way of the Heart, were solitude, silence, and prayer. On solitude, Nouwen writes that it is “the place of purification and transformation, the place of the great struggle and the great encounter…the place of salvation.” In my own experience, taking time intentionally to go to the beach, a park, or the quiet of my campus residence caused me to slow down and be more aware of what God was doing in my life. This discipline became refreshing as I often enjoyed reading from Psalms as I sat on Balboa Beach on the weekends, enjoying God’s creation alone and worshipping him in the solitude. As for silence, this discipline was the most challenging for me, yet so rewarding in recognizing my reliance on God. Nouwen writes on this, “First, silence makes us pilgrims. Secondly, silence guards the fire within. Thirdly, silence teaches us to speak.” In silence, I recognized my own need to listen to the Holy Spirit at work within me, and reconsider the effects of the words I speak to others. Finally, on the discipline of prayer Nouwen offers, “The prayer of the heart opens the eyes of our soul to the truth of ourselves as well as to the truth of God. The prayer of the heart challenges us to hide absolutely nothing.” Vulnerability and authenticity with God in prayer is so powerful, as I became aware of the person God designed me as and how I might use the gifts I have for His glory.

This experience of inner transformation and deepening of my faith is something I can only credit to God. The spiritual disciplines I practiced helped me intentionally set aside the space and awareness to see Him working through me and challenging me. I would encourage whoever reads this article to set aside time themselves, escaping the busyness and noise of everyday life to take even just a moment for silence, solitude, and prayer with God. I am confident that God has mighty and wonderful works to do through you! ◆


Renewed and Transformed through

Service to Others

By Winnie Zhang, Central Campus

In February of 2019, Sister Li Bai invited my husband and me as the “BESTs” in the first wave of Happiness Group Ministry. My very first Chinese New Year since I came to the States was celebrated together with brothers and sisters at the Happiness Group that I was a part of. I was very happy that day and felt right at home, for everyone was very welcoming and easy to get along with.

At the conclusion of the 8 weekly Happiness Group meetings, I decided, without any hesitation, to accept Jesus as my personal savior and was baptized shortly after. I was determined to get my foot in the door first and then gradually learn about God together with fellow believers so that I could get closer and closer to God.

CBCSD is truly amazing! It offers many wonderful programs to every little lamb that’s longing for its Shepard. Whether it was baptism classes, discipleship training, fellowship gatherings or Sunday school classes, I went to each and every one of them in order to help me grow.

When the second wave of Happiness Group took off this year, I signed up as a coworker for the “On the Watch” Happiness Group so that I can also serve others and share the good news to those who do not know Jesus yet. Week after week, I not only learned a lot but also was deeply touched by God’s work.

First of all, my relationship with others got better and better. In addition to holiday greetings, I took the initiative to invite friends to our Happiness Group. Whether they accepted the invitation or not, I would continue to invite them the following week. In order to identify more potential “BESTs,” I expanded my circle of friends and joined many chat groups, which in turn enriched my knowledge as well as my day-to-day life. My culinary skills have also improved quite a bit in the process. I was actively in search of good recipes and cooking tips from other sisters and was able to churn out different dishes each week.

Secondly, I learned to be more patient. I had to miss one of Happiness Group meetings when my husband and I were visiting friends in Boston. Coincidentally, one of the BESTs I invited previously decided to attend the meeting that week. I was thrilled and made sure she would be well taken care of during my absence. Unexpectedly, at noon on Saturday, I saw her posting in the group chat that she was so disappointed to have been “turned away” from her first attempt at the meeting that she decided to never attend again. I was very dismayed by the fast that such a mishap was in fact due to her own mistake about the meeting place and date.  Realizing that what I do or say is not for the sake of pleasing anyone other than God, I chose to keep silent and not to say anything in my own defense. The following Sunday, I was extremely happy to find out that she was invited to another Happiness Group and has decided to commit her life to Christ.

Last, I learned to let go. My marriage has been so problematic that I wasn’t sure how to cope with it. During the course of my service for the Happiness Group, Pastor Angela and Sister Min Qian introduced me to the sermon on “Marriage in Heaven.” As I listened to it, I broke down with tears. Sister Min taught me to start with a prayer of repentance, to empty out all the negative emotions accumulated within me over the years, and to let go of the people, things, and objects that have, intentionally or unintentionally, hurt my feelings in the past, and to cast onto Jesus all my disillusions, concerns, anxieties, and fears. I felt a great relief from that moment onwards, as if a huge burden were taken off me.

Minute by minute and day by day, my life was renewed and transformed by the many wonderful messages and “messengers” that God dispatched my way. This little lamb got many feedings and is thriving. If you have yet to be baptized, I would encourage you to please catch up, to embrace the gospels and to embrace the messengers who are spreading these gospels, for, like me, they all love you very much! Please also remember that Jesus will always love you! ◆


Breakthroughs Through

Scripture Reading Plans

Interviews by Lan Tang and Becky Tsai

Lord’s Grace Fellowship, the Love-to-Read-the-Bible Group

— Becky Tsai

This cross-campus bible study group has 21 members. This “love-to-read-the-Bible” group was established according to the personal experience of Joy Liu, wife of Pastor Donald Liu of the Central Campus.

Members of this group must abide by the following agreements:

  1. Read one chapter of the Bible each day;
  2. Respond positively among members of the group when asked whether they have read one chapter of the Bible each day, to establish accountability;
  3. Disregard what they have skipped in their reading of the Bible, to avoid giving up the reading altogether for being discouraged;
  4. Freely communicate their reflections or verses that they especially like;
  5. Share no information that is irrelevant to Bible reading.

The “love-to-read-the-Bible” group’s plans for reading the Bible:

  1. Mark, Romans, James
  2. Luke, The Acts, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians
  3. Matthew, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon, Hebrews, Jude
  4. John, 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians, 1 Peter, 2 Peter, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, Revelation

Agnes An: I participate in the fellowship’s Bible study on “Line” so that I can read the Bible with a companion. Though I don’t see my companion, we can support and remind each other, just as it is stated in the Bible: “… from whom the whole body, supported and held together by the ligaments and sinews, grows as God causes it to grow.” (Colossians 2b: 19)

Becky Tsai: My efforts in Bible reading had been inconsistent, sometimes with enthusiasm and other times rather lackadaisical.  But, after joining the group, even when I felt lazy, I would hasten to find time to read when I realized that other members of the group “had already read.” During my travels, I could not access “Line,” and so I would give up reading after a few days. I would resume reading, however, after returning home from my trips and joining the group’s reading efforts. I don’t feel any pressure at all and rather enjoy the spiritual closeness of the group.

JJ Li: God’s words are life’s food. Thanks to God, we have formed the “love-to-read-the-Bible” group. Through His Word, we can perceive His immaculate holiness, righteousness, grace, and love. We can also see human’s disobedience and hopelessness. Let us adore and fear God more and have greater yearning for salvation. Through daily reading of the Bible and contemplations, let us more greatly aspire to meet the God who has spoken. Through our sharing, God’s words are no longer bone-dry characters. He is the strength of our lives, the power that renews us. My personal breakthrough consists of not only reading and contemplating biblical scriptures but also writing down what I have gained through contemplation.

Central Campus, the PFC Group—Shuyue Tan

This year I was fortunate to have joined the Bible reading and sharing group of the Central Campus. Under the guidance of brothers and sisters, I actually broke through the hurdle of Genesis and read all the way to the New Testament.

The chapters from Leviticus to Deuteronomy used to be those that I was most reluctant to read. And so I used to skip over them.  What do those endless ancient Jewish tribes, family trees, and meticulous rituals have to do with me?

Through reading those chapters this time, however, I began to realize that there is no perfect human being and that this imperfection is “sin.” Everyone is sinful in essence. The completely holy and immaculate God and “sin” are diametrical, incompatible opposites. “Sin” is like a combustible substance. Once “sin” reached beyond the border of “immaculate holiness,” this substance will be completely burned, just as the fact that we would be electrocuted if we insisted on touching a high-voltage electric wire. In this case, is the consequence the fault of the high-voltage electric wire or our fault?

In the Old Testament, God usually appears in the form of “fire.”  Unless human being were completely holy and immaculate, they could not get close to God. We can thus understand why God mercilessly killed Nadab, Abihu, and Uzziah. What God killed was “sin.”

In the process of reading the Bible, for the first time I fasted and prayed, from 3 days to 40 days. And God helped me overcome many temptations.

Mark 16: 17: “And three signs will accompany those who believe…” The Bible is the place closest to God. I want to walk with God with brothers and sisters and encourage one another in this endeavor.

Central Campus, the Keeping-Watch Group—Flora Liu

Since February this year, the Keeping-watch Group launched a “daily Bible reading” practice. Every morning a brother or sister would post, on WeChat, the day’s scripture verse.

In October, it was my turn to post the scripture reading. The group leader required me to post the scripture reading at 7 a.m. and indicate that I had read the verse so as to encourage group members to do the scripture reading on time. This requirement helped me develop the good habit of doing the scripture reading according to schedule and even ahead of time.  In the past I would do my scripture reading haphazardly.  Now the opportunity of serving encouraged me to persist in this good habit and even to select the main points of each chapter.

Given that the Bible was written according to God’s revelation, I hope brothers and sisters will set aside time, no matter how busy they are, to read the scripture with the attitude of humbly yearning for truth, just as it is written in 2 Timothy 3:15: “ …the Holy Scriptures …are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.”

Central Campus, the New Hope Small Group 

Since November 2018, Brother Jin of our group would recite one chapter of the Bible on WeChat, recording and posting the scriptures to share with members of the group. This way, everyone in the group could listen to the recitation and read along at the same time. When encountering scriptures that are difficult to understand, they could listen/read again and again. Because everyone knows Brother Jin, listening to his recitation was like talking with family members. In the past year, our group has read John, Luke, Proverbs, Acts, Romans, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, etc. We are continuing our scripture reading.

Many brothers and sisters have had this experience: At the beginning of each year, we would resolve to do scripture reading every day, but, after a while, being trammeled by many worldly affairs made it difficult for them to persist in their daily reading of the scriptures. Our group has broken this deadlock through our daily scripture reading.  Now with the convenience provided by WeChat, members of our group can listen to recitations of the scriptures and persist in their daily reading of the scriptures. Once this daily reading has become a habit, it would make us feel as if we had neglected to do something important if we didn’t read the scriptures.

Daily scripture reading has also become an activity in which everyone is eager to participate. Sharing and discussions have become more popular and in-depth.

Brother Jin, who is responsible for reciting the scripture, has felt deeply that when God’s blessings are applied to God’s work, the Matthew effect becomes clear.  Previously he would often make mistakes during his reading of the scriptures, making it necessary for him to read and re-read before he would feel satisfies with the recording of his recitation.  After a while, however, he had gradually gained fluency to the point where he can now smoothly make a recording of his reading without re-reading the Bible verses.

Central Campus, the Light of Hope Student Fellowship—Yuanhui Xu

At the beginning of this year, the Light of Hope Student Fellowship launched plans for scripture reading. We started reading one chapter a day, and now we read two chapters a day. When the fellowship meet, we would discuss what we have learned from our scripture reading during the week. Gradually, God’s words would seep into our lives—be that our day-to-day living, our studies, and our work—we have begun experiencing God’s wonders. When we face hardship and weariness, God says He surrounds us so that we wouldn’t feel lost; when we face shortages, God says we are more valuable than birds; when we confront life challenges, and God says His thoughts are the thoughts of granting blessings. God’s words are constantly with us, to let us know how much He loves us.

Whenever I encounter problems in my service to God, my pride would make me think of ways to solve them. Upon reading Exodus 12, in which God referred to the Israelites whom He had just saved as His army, I couldn’t help pondering: at that time the Israelites were not quite familiar with God, but He referred to them as His army! In my service, when I witness the changes that have taken place in people’s lives, I realize that those changes have happened not because of how much I have done or how I have cared about others but because God has worked in their hearts to change their lives. These thoughts would then make me humble before God, knowing that victories won in battles result not from what I have done but from God’s grace, which He bestows on me by keeping me in His mind.

CBCSD PFC Group—Jean Wu

After debating with myself for a while this year, I decided to join the PFC group’s planning for reading the Bible once from beginning to end.  Aside from the wish to truly read the Bible from cover to cover, I also wanted to grasp biblical knowledge. But, after reading several chapters, I felt rather frustrated. Human’s inconstancy and disobedience compared with God’s tireless reproach, blessings, and mercy made me feel sad for God. After all, God’s love, righteousness, and miracle are what He wants to convey to people through the Bible. In fact, I, too, have been repeating the sins of the Israelites. At first, I wasn’t inclined to take responsibility for making plans to read the Bible. I wanted to save the time to do what pleases my heart. But “…he does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities.” (Psalm 103:10)

Although some chapters were quite familiar to me, yet during this round of re-reading, they seemed new, and I benefited from the re-reading. Just as the saying goes, “No gold mine is richer than the Bible; there is always gold no matter how much mining we do.” ◆


Teaching English Classes in Tijuana

By Tom Tye, Lord’s Grace

I didn’t know what to expect. I’d never been to Tijuana, except passing through on the way to somewhere else. I had almost no experience teaching children. I’d never taught English. But it seemed like plenty of people were leading the effort, and I might be able to help out in some small way. Pastor Ed would drive us, Melody would teach the class. Erica would take care of the snacks and logistics, while Mary would translate as needed and I wasn’t really sure how I would fit in.

The students all showed up early, the first day, and there was some degree of… well, chaos. With a whirlwind of activity, somehow the class was over before we knew it. And there was more than enough for each of us to do to help the kids. Correcting their papers, encouraging their attempts at a new language, managing classroom behavior, acting out English phrases, getting them to laugh a little… there were plenty of ways to help.

One lesson had the students do an “All About Me” poster. There was a section for the children to draw themselves in the job they hoped to have as adults. One of the students (who could be very funny and kind, but who also misbehaved frequently) drew himself in jail, as a prisoner.  He was pretty sure that was where he would end up. Apparently, he’d been told this by an adult when he misbehaved. We asked him if there was anything else that he’d like to be, if he could. “A pilot,” he said, without hesitation. We told him that he was not going to end up in prison, and had him start over with a new poster, where he happily drew himself as a pilot in front of what looked like a 747 airliner.

As the weeks went by, we learned by doing. Mary spent time one-on-one with the little girl who was most behind in class. Her smile and newfound openness made it clear that receiving this special attention was a highlight of her week. Snack time became a social event for the children, and we could see them bonding over time. Although it seemed like their progress learning English was slow, when new students joined the second term, they were so far behind that it became clear that the students had, in fact, been learning a great deal of English.

We presented a short Bible lesson, with translation, during each class. Truthfully, sometimes, some of the students seemed a little bored.  But there were also times where some of them were clearly touched by the gospel message.

As the class progressed, those on the team who could speak Cantonese found out more about each of the students. Among the prevalent themes were family financial struggles, frequent separations from parents, social isolation and communication challenges in the Spanish-speaking schools. Knowing some of their stories made it very rewarding to see them learning a skill that could give them a real advantage in life. Watching them spend some time together, in a safe and encouraging environment, where they clearly felt more comfortable together week by week, became a special blessing. Knowing that they would associate this positive experience with the good news about Jesus made it all worthwhile. ◆


Joining STM Team to Nepal

By Erin Pan, North Campus

By God’s grace, I had a great experience being part of CBCSD’s short term mission (STM) team to Nepal in August 2019. Thanks be to God, also to Chinese Bible Church for being supportive in prayer and finance. It was a very eye-opening trip, not only that it was my first time being exposed to a spiritually dark country since I became a Christian, but also that the strong faith of local believers brought me a good deal of encouragement. I believe this is God’s will for me to meet my Tibetan friends in person, to see His amazing work in Nepal, and to trust Him more deeply during this trip.

Last December at Urbana Global Student Missions Conference18, I experienced seeing a vision of a brown-skinned little girl with a dark red scarf over her hair. “Who are these people? ” I asked Jesus. Immediately, a word revealed in front of my eyes, “Tibetan.” Since then, I’ve done research on Tibet, shared my calling to believers around me, and asked God for a clearer direction. In early May, while I was searching “Tibetan Christian” on Facebook, a group named Tibetan Christian Society popped up. I read an anonymous testimony on the home page. In the comments, I wrote down my calling among Tibetans. Within 48 hours, the owner of the testimony sent me a friend request on Facebook. Her name is Tenzin Menkyi. At the end of May, I took a Kairos course at church. In a small discussion group, Chiamu asked me if I’d like to join the Nepal STM team. I did not think Nepal is my target from God, since clearly mine was Tibetan, so I replied to him, “Let me pray about it.” Somehow, there’s a power pushing me to check Menkyi’s Facebook profile, and amazingly I found that she was in Nepal. I messaged her saying, “Our church is sending a STM team to Nepal in August.” She was excited and asked me, “Are you coming? ” I didn’t answer her right away. Instead, I tried to recall what had happened and realized that joining the STM to Nepal was certainly God’s plan for me. After getting permission from my parents to take part in the STM, I booked my flights the very next day. While in Nepal, I had a wonderful time being with Tenzin’s family, even though we stayed together for just 2 days, I felt like we had been friends for many years. We discussed about opportunities to send STM teams to their Tibetan refugee camp in Pokhara in the future. Pray that the Lord will open the door.

During this trip, God opened my eyes to see both good and evil in Nepal. He let me see both the religious darkness in Nepal and gospel work that had started. I saw local Hindus go to a Hindu temple to pray and ask for peace without joy on their faces. Pastor Raju told me that he started his Christian church 19 years ago with only 5 people, but now the congregation has expanded to over 80 regular church attendees every Saturday. Some church members would walk or even hike 2 hours to go to Saturday worship service. I saw their faith in Jesus and in God’s miraculous work. While we were at a leper colony, I saw what the miserable lives lepers were living. They basically have no hope for life. In contrast, I see that faith in Christ makes a total difference from inside out among leper believers. Despite the suffering from leprosy, poor living condition, and isolation from society, those who know Jesus have hope in their hearts and one can see a big, joyful smile on their faces.

Despite the work God has shown me, I encountered Lord Jesus when I was alone. I missed my connecting flight from Kunming to Kathmandu, so I had to wait for 24 hours for the next flight. Although I was calm, I felt upset, and I did understand why it happened. During the overnight staying in a hotel room, I wept while praying to God. And God spoke to me saying, “Do not fear nor be disheartened. I’m sending you out, and my Spirit is with you. Imagine what if you never know me? You would be truly all alone.” God’s words always bring me comfort. Knowing that Jesus is with me during difficult times helps me root my faith more deeply in Him.

John 8:13 Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” God is faithful. He keeps his promises. Jesus’ heart is among Nepali and Tibetans. Please keep them in prayer. ◆


Re-engineering Life

By Vivian Chiu, Cantonese Congregation

“Who brought you here? What are you doing in this place? Why are you here?” (Judges 18:3b) About three years ago, through this biblical verse, God made me reflect on His purpose of moving me from Hong Kong to San Diego and began the re-engineering work of my life.

For more than ten years of my being a member of Chinese Bible Church of San Diego, I had served in many ways and planned my life according to my wish. But two years ago, I responded to God’s call for me to enroll in theological studies. Since then I have had to change the priorities in my life and gradually tailored the plans that I had set up for my life to God’s wish. God made me realize that the happy model that I had so carefully built for my life—what I thought was stable, comfortable—paled in comparison with what God had planned for me. The first thing I have had to do was to let God break down the model I had built, piece by piece. What a painful process it has been! Because I could neither see nor trust that God’s model was better than mine, I wanted to gain control once again. God is merciful! Every time I felt stressed out by assignments or examinations and weak to the point of giving up my pursuit, God would encourage and comfort me through scriptures cited by the professors or fellow students, through their life stories, or through hymns shared in the class. The most important reminder came through a course titled “Major Prophets.” Although God wanted to “uproot, tear down, overthrow, destroy, and bring disaster,” He also promised to “watch over them to build and to plant.” (Jeremiah 31:28) God’s will was to rebuild my life, but He must first destroy my self-centered life, one that is not in agreement with His will.

God rebuilt my life not only through theological studies but also through breakthroughs in my service. When doing my devotion in July, through the Book of Luke, God reminded me every day to renew and to change. But how to change? And how to renew?

As a result of disorders in my cervical and thoracic vertebrae, I had to see a traditional Chinese physical therapist in Los Angeles.  Whenever the therapist pressed on certain pressure points, I would feel discomfort and sometimes severe pain. One day, on my way back to San Diego, I heard a radio program host share her experience receiving care for spinal disorder.  She said that the chiropractor told her, “Please be reassured that all I have to do to treat you is to press on your pressure points and adjust your spine.” All of a sudden I felt as if God were using her words to tell me that the process of having my pressure points pressed down on was like the process in which God was pressing the pressure points in my spiritual life (points that displeased Him). When God adjusts the pressure points of my spiritual life, I would experience pain and difficulties, but I must trust Him, who is the best doctor!

Not long after that day, a sister invited me to take part in the second series of the “Happiness Group” Ministry. God solved for me what I was worried about, and my husband also lent me his support. I became a leader of a Happiness Group. During the 16 years that I have been living in the United States, I did not do any serious evangelical work. But, with the Happiness Group—a platform of local evangelism—I have gained many new experiences. When I was praying for guidance on how to share the messages, miraculously God helped me recall the bits and pieces of my life. And these life’s stories all seemed to be related to the theme of each lesson. When I was rehearsing the message of the second lesson, the co-workers of the group all felt that the message was especially helpful to one Best. But she said she wouldn’t be able to attend the meeting because she had to work. Everyone prayed earnestly for her, and the day before the meeting, she said she would be able to attend. Hallelujah! During the meeting, she was deeply moved, and she shared the trials in her life.  Several weeks later, she accepted Jesus Christ as her savior. Glory be to God! When we step outside the comfort zone, outside the framework of traditional evangelism, God’s grace and ability can greatly fill our lives.  And, with the co-workers, we will let God change and renew us in our spiritual journey.

Thank God! Whether it is to pursue theological training or participate in the “Happiness Group” Ministry, what God does in the process of tearing down and revising, His purpose is to rebuild our lives.  Trust and submit completely is a life-long learning lesson. May we obey His will every day and do what pleases Him. ◆