What is the CBC STM subsidy policy?

Adult can apply up to 50% subsidy; Children/Youth/College or Seminary students can apply up to 75% subsidy.

Do I have to speak Nepali to be able to minister effectively? 

No. Most of the younger people in Nepal speak English, but we also have translators in all of our classes.

What are the accommodations like in Nepal? 

The Salvation Bible College offers dorm-style housing for STM and visiting missionaries. Linens, towels, and food on campus are provided. The ‘American’ kitchen is shared amongst the full-time missionaries living on campus. A local cook will be hired full time to cater the STM needs.

Do I need a travel visa in Nepal?

You will be able to get your visa upon arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport.

When you arrive at the immigrations and customs area at the airport:

  • There will be two lines for customs. Be sure to stand in the line for non-visa holders.
  • Bring 2 passport-sized photos for each person entering the country as they will attach this to your visa application in the airport.
  • You must pay the visa application fee in US dollars. Though you can pay in smaller US bills, they prefer newer $100 bills, even if your visa fee is $25.
  • Cost of Visas: 15 day: $25 USD  /  30 days: $40 USD  /  90 days: $100 USD

The following information will be needed for the custom forms:

  • Nationality
  • Passport Number / Issue Date of Passport / Expiration of Passport
  • Location where staying: Thasikhel, Lalitpur
  • Address where staying: Ward Number 5, Thasikhel, Lalitpur
  • Reason for stay: Tourist
  • Purpose of stay: Leisure / Travel
  • # of days: However many days you are staying
  • Occupation: Whatever your occupation is at home. If you are in ministry full-time, do not write pastor or the ministry title. We recommend you write Teacher or Student (since you are a teacher or student of the Word)

Be sure to bring with you in your carry on:

  • Passport
  • 2 Copies of Passport (one for your records and one to be given to the Bible College office)
  • 2 Passport Photos
  • Visa Payment – Cost of Visas: 15 day: $25 USD  /  30 days: $40 USD  /  90 days: $100 USD

Do I need a travel visa in Uganda? 

You will get the visa in the airport upon arrival. Important to note that right now Uganda requires Yellow Fever vaccination in order to enter the country, so you need to make sure and have that and bring proof (preferably on a yellow CDC card).

Where exactly are we going to Uganda for STM?

The team will fly into Entebbe (EBB). Then we will travel to Midigo (either by a separate in-country short flight or by van driving). We will be working in Midigo which is a village in Northern Uganda (about 7 miles from the Sudan border). The next biggest city that is nearby Midigo is Arua.

Where are we going to stay in Uganda? 

In Midigo, Calvary Chapel Midigo has a beautiful missions compound with 6 “tukels” which each have 3 – 4 beds in them. Plus one missions house, a separate dinning hall and a walled in campus with guard, cook, translators, etc. Each tukel is made from cement bricks with plaster and have indoor western toilet, shower, sink for each room. The rooms are basic but nice. (I can send you pictures of the compound tomorrow if that helps)

What can we do in Uganda?(as for our doctor, youth and adults)?

Doctors / medical professional can come alongside the hospital with operating room, mens / women / children / maternity wards that is run by the church. They also requested that there be mobile medical clinics scheduled that would go to more remote villages where the people cannot walk to Midigo for care. There may also be an opportunity to serve the medical needs in the Sudanese Refugee Camp, but that is still in the works. There is also need for health classes. Our main contact is Pastor Charles who is also a licensed medical doctor so he loves to serve people through medical outreach and is excited about your team coming.

For youth, there is a Christian School that Calvary started that is PreK – 7th grade. There are 600 kids in the school. Some are muslims and some are christians. You can do VBS, class to class visits, sports, games, drama, skits, really the school at Calvary is open to us and is right next store to the missions compound. There are 75 boys and 75 girls that are also in boarding on-site at the school campus so they are also available in the evenings and weekends and need lots of love as they are away from their family.

For youth, there are public school that are Catholic, Christian and Muslim and we have access to them to share music, gospel, skits / drama etc. It is also great for sharing testimonies from your youth to their youth. We could target either high schools or elementary.

We have 300+ Promise Children that are sponsored in the area. It would be great to plan a VBS day for them and also invite their caretakers and then other adults from your team could give devotion / teaching to the parents / caretakers while the kids are being ministered to. It would also be great to visit some of the Promise Children homes / projects that we are apart of, pray for people, encourage from house to house etc.

For adults or young adults, you can do concerts, drama, bible conference (this is great for youth / college age or for the believers in the church). With adults it is great to have a mens and womens fellowship / bible study one afternoon / evening.

Evangelism – we love to take teams and go evangelize in the surrounding villages. This is hut to hut and the team would break into smaller groups with a translator.